Tashawwuf Harus Bersama Thariqah Mendudukkan Kembali Signifikansi Mursyid dan Salik Bagi Muslim Abad 21

  • Alfathri Adlin
Keywords: modernism, postmodernism, subjective and objective reason, leisure time, protean, spirituality/soul purification, tariqah, mursyid


Whether we realize it or not, Muslims are tugged between the discourse of both modernism and post-modernism, then adopted it to ‘emend’ Islam as a religion to adjust according to the two discourses. In their everyday life, Muslims are trapped in the capitalist world, which defy them the time for them to be by themselves in their ‘leisure time’. They are also pre-occupied by the term of ‘protean human being’ as a result; they tend to forget their true self. From everything that happened surrounding the Muslim in today’s life, nobody can quench the thirst of knowledge for his or her soul, it helps shaping a new revival of interest upon religion. In the western world, which are famous with their famous belief, “religion no, spirituality yes,” The Muslim world has its own turmoil with their own saying, “tariqah no, tasawwuf yes.” In this article we will try to dissect the ground misconception between the two discourses and also within Muslims own beliefs, as they have forgotten the meaning of tariqah and what is the real meaning of a mursyid

Author Biography

Alfathri Adlin

Menempuh pendidikan S1 Desain Produk Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) dan Institut Teknologi Nasional (ITENAS) Bandung dan kini menjadi mahasiswa Pasca Sarjana di Sekolah Tinggi Filsafat Driyakara Jakarta. Aktivitas saat ini bekerja sebagai editor di penerbit Pustaka Matahari, penerjemah lepas dan dosen luar biasa. Aktivitas lainnya adalah Pengurus Studia Humanika Masjid Salman ITB dan anggota Forum Studi Kebudayaan FSRD ITB