Adakah “Agama Jawa” Itu? Tinjauan Kritis atas Buku Abangan, Santri, Priyayi dalam Masyarakat Jawa Karya Clifford Geertz

  • Dwi Afrianti
Keywords: Religion of Java, Abangan, Santri, Priyayi, Tasawwuf, Kejawen


This critical review uses a combination of a historical approach, religious studies, archeological studies, cultural studies, Javanese mysticism and tasawwuf. A historical approach is necessary to see the zeitgeist within different time frames, which is needed to complement Clifford Geertz’s research. Then we can see the relations of each event within the concept of time and space, which would be the reason behind the emergence of a concept. Clifford Geertz did not generalize that one concept would be valid for each time frame in one occurrence. Unfortunately Geertz didn’t enclose historical analysis in his dissertation, resulting in confusion to define each of his concepts and terms

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Dwi Afrianti

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